No Setup fee
No credit check
No deposit




Only $36 / hour
$246 / day
Weekly rates available

1 to 4 people
Exclusive (310) area code
number with unlimited local
and local long distance calling

Free Internet with unlimited WiFi

Free coffee and use kitchen

Access to Executive Office Amenities (additional fees may apply):

  • Conference room
  • Copier, Photocopier and Scanner
  • Receptionist services
  • Mail and Package service

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Let Us Provide You With an Upscale Business Space

If you’re an independent contractor or have a small business that doesn’t have a physical space, day offices make for a fantastic and professional alternative to working from home or in a coffee shop. Global Business Centers can get you set up in a top-of-the-line physical office space that makes you feel like the executive you know yourself to be, allowing you to bring out the best in yourself and your business.

For a Professional Daytime Business Look

You don’t have to waste money renting a full-time office space when you only need it part-time, nor do you have to go into debt to get the best office equipment and office furniture. We’ve got everything you need to get you through the business day and beyond, including:

  • Free internet with unlimited WiFi
  • Complimentary coffee and full use of our kitchen area
  • Mail and package services
  • An exclusive 310 area code number and unlimited local and local long distance calling
  • Conference room access
  • Live Receptionist services
  • Scanner, copier and photo scanner

To make things as easy as possible and meet your needs as soon as possible, we make it so you don’t have to worry about a credit check, deposit or setup fee for your day office. We offer offices on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, and our rates are wholly affordable to ensure you get the best price.

The Benefits of Day Offices

If you’re used to working at home or elsewhere rather than a more traditional office space, you might not be fully aware of the range of benefits of opting to work in a day office. One of the best things about our offices is you have the privacy you need to focus and get work done. You’ll also have an easier time creating your own company or personal business culture as you see fit. Finally, you’ll have more and better security with Global Business Center, which is sure to bring you peace of mind.

Ready to Maximize Your Business Potential?

Learn more about our day offices and other services by submitting an online form. Our representatives can also be reached at 888-909-0210.