A Secure and Reliable Faxing Solution

Fax-to-Email Service

Fax Services to Keep Your Business on Top

Global Business Centers has been around since 1995, offering virtual office services and executive conference rooms and office suites to entrepreneurs, small businesses and home-based businesses. We provide you with the services you need so you don’t have to maintain a physical office or invest in equipment that you may not be using all the time.

One such service we focus on is fax to email. With this, you get to send secure files that are carefully managed. Our service is easily integrated into your existing business software, making it simple to get started using us for your fax needs.

Key Service Points

Because we understand your business reputation is important, we strive to ensure our handling of your faxes is completely professional and accurate. Our software will work with your existing software to allow you to seamlessly send and receive faxes via email. The process works smoothly to maintain a high quality from start to finish. Some key points to keep in mind about our fax to email service include:

  • Secure point-to-point connection
  • Reliable and secure cloud-based fax servers
  • Real-time control of sent faxes

Our services allow you to maintain a fast and efficient workflow. You can quickly send faxes via your email and know they will get where they need to go. You never have to deal with breakdowns or worry your fax wasn’t received because we monitor it every step of the way.

A Company That Cares

Our mission at GBC is to serve as your support system, offering you services you need at affordable prices. We pride ourselves on helping businesses grow and thrive through providing reliable services and options to make it easier to manage and run your business. You are always in complete control and can rely on us to provide professional service and support in everything we do. Please contact us today at (888) 909-0210 or visit our website.

Functionality Designed for Business

  • Get direct integration with existing business applications & real-time control of faxes that have been queued for delivery.

Proven Reliability

  • Connect your fax environment through a secure point-to-point connection through Biscom’s cloud based fax servers.

Technology that Provides Flexibility

  • Easily integrate our technology into your business. Our software can be incorporated into any existing applications.

Complete Security

  • Ensure your files are sent securely with our secure and compliant cloud based fax servers.