3 Things to Look for in a Law Firm Virtual Office Provider

As you look for the right virtual office in Beverly Hills for your law firm, remember that not every virtual office is created equal. You want to get it right the first time. The right virtual office space will provide you with the right environment and amenities to help you thrive. Make sure you find […]

Necessities for Every Virtual Office Lawyer

Technology gives you the freedom to establish a virtual law office and run a successful practice. But as you go virtual, you should keep in mind certain things you need to stay on top of your game. You’ll need more than a phone and internet connection to thrive. Here are the top things your virtual […]

How to Start a Virtual Law Office in Beverly Hills

Don’t you wish your law office could be based in Beverly Hills? Well, now it can–and you don’t actually need to have a physical space there. You can create a virtual office in Beverly Hills with an address, phone number, and even a live receptionist. Do away with commercial leases and the wood paneling in […]

Tips for Running a Paperless Virtual Law Firm

Running a virtual law firm keeps your costs down and can even help the environment by preventing the usage of paper, office supplies, electricity and other resources that you don’t necessarily require each day. Check out these solo attorney tips to ensure your paperless virtual law firm is meeting your needs. Use the Right Software […]

Why Solo Attorneys Choose Virtual Offices

Practicing law is an excellent and rewarding endeavor, but paying for an office you don’t use often can feel overwhelming to your pockets. For this reason, many solo attorneys use a virtual law firm. Join the Niche of Online Legal Help The digital age is taking over the world, and law firms are not immune. […]

5 tips for Good Conference Room Etiquette for Lawyers

Conference rooms are a wonderful place to spread out and work, hold a meeting while multiple parties or have a training session. If you’re like most lawyers, you probably share a conference room. Although each office probably has a list of conference room rules, you should know lawyer etiquette tips to be a good-suite mate. […]

What Not To Do When Starting a Law Firm With a Virtual Office Rental

Starting your own law firm is tricky in today’s economy, but it isn’t impossible. If you are just starting out and want to save money while serving clients, consider a virtual office rental. You’ll look professional without shelling out thousands of bucks per month. Advertise That You Are Always Available in Person Of course, as […]

What Is a Virtual Office and Why Do Attorneys Use Them?

  No, a virtual office isn’t one that lives in the cloud. A virtual law office is a physical business address where you can receive mail and enjoy other amenities of a business office, while not extending the capital to pay for an executive office. You can work out of your home, but have access […]

Best Resources for Becoming a Solo Lawyer

If you’re dreaming about being your own boss, having complete control over the cases you take and the flexibility of working for yourself, you might wonder how to start and build a law practice. Although most people believe attorneys have unlimited budgets, we know that the reality is very different. Becoming a solo practice attorney […]

Should You Hire a Virtual Paralegal?

As a solo practice lawyer, you may find yourself spinning in circles trying to manage phone calls and emails from clients, meetings and deadlines. If you need help, you might consider hiring a virtual paralegal, who can provide assistance for your office without having to actually hire someone to work in your office on a […]

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