What Is a Virtual Law Office?

If you’re unfamiliar with virtual offices, the idea of a virtual law office can be confusing. If you’re thinking of cloud-based meeting spaces or virtual reality, we’re not quite that far into the future yet. However, with Global Business Centers we’ve still taken the next step in advancing  law office management and reputation building with […]

Valuable Resources for Starting a Solo Law Firm in Beverly Hills

When you’re just striking out with a new solo law firm, you need to maximize your resources for minimal cost. Regardless of your practice area, It’s important to make a strong start with a reliable, professional brand that your clients can count on. But when you’re on a tight budget, how can you project a […]

5 Virtual Law Office Start Up Tips for Attorneys

Getting started in a virtual office can seem intimidating, but it doesn’t have to. It’s as simple as setting a task reminder; just select your services, adjust your workflows, and leave the rest to us. Learn How to Work in a Digital Space While working in a virtual law office space isn’t quite the same […]

5 Tips for Virtual Attorney Time Management

You’re a busy attorney with cases piling up. You do more before noon than most people do in a week. So how can you save time and so you can focus on the case work that really matters? Cut the Commute One of the hassles of working from an office is the commute to and […]

3 Reasons an Attorney Needs a Virtual Office Space

Although some people automatically imagine attorneys to be high-powered and with access to unlimited income, the truth is quite the opposite. Recent graduates of law school or people who wish to start their own practice may not have the funds to open a physical office location. For those who find themselves taking on cases from […]

List of Businesses That Can Benefit From Virtual Offices

Virtual office space offers many benefits to businesses that might not have a physical location. They provide your business with a real physical address, a live receptionist, access to office space and conference rooms and more for a price that is generally much less expensive than regular office space. Not all businesses profit from virtual […]

How to Create a Successful Presentation

Whether you love or hate public speaking, you might find the time comes that you must prepare a presentation. Perhaps you are invited to lecture at a conference or you are the team leader and must present your project to a client, supervisor or another member of your team. When it comes time, you want […]

Time Management Tips For Working Remotely

When your home is your office, it is easy to work long hours, but it is just as easy to experience interruptions throughout the day. When you do not have someone looking over your shoulder holding you responsible for your work, you must find ways to keep yourself focused. Time management in business is one […]

Tips On How To Run an Effective Meeting

Meetings are an important part of running a business, but they become a huge waste of time if they are run inefficiently. A poorly run meeting leaves attendees bored, so they do not pay attention and miss the important details that might arise. Therefore, it is essential to learn how to run an effective meeting […]

Online Businesses: The Pros & Cons

If you want to start a business, then you already know it is very expensive to get an office space and set up shop in a physical location. This is why so many new businesses begin online in virtual offices. However, trying to set up and manage a virtual office can be just as hard […]

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